DrivingApp is a multi-language platform that connects driving students with driving schools and driving instructors across Canada.

It was proudly founded in 2020 by four experienced entrepreneurs who saw the opportunity to render the driving industry a quality product able to enhance customers’ experiences.


DrivingApp is a safe user-friendly platform for students and instructors to access key information related to the driving industry. 


#Driving Students


We can make life easier to get or renew your driver’s licence connecting you to driving schools and instructors according to your needs, such as your first language, price, the location where you’d like to have your driving classes. You also can choose the services and providers based on reviews and experiences shared in your driving community chat.

#Driving Schools and Driving Instructors


We can bring more business opportunities and visibility to your brand using social media strategies and attracting more potential clients from different communities to be part of the platform which can result in more profits and values. 

#How does it work?


It is a user-friendly platform where the users can safely select their preferred language, type of classes, type of exam, location and routes, dates, and times available. 


The users can also rely on the reviews provided by others regarding how the app works, and how the services are rendered.  


In the end, all users will be asked to give their impressions about the app itself and the services it provides. This information is used as a basis for improvement.

#Mission Statement


To bring the best user experience to its customers through a multi-language platform that complies with the safety traffic rules and regulations.


We believe that we are on the market to provide great services to make a significant contribution to our customers and to the community.


For that, a transformative project needs transformative and open-minded people. 

Fernando Suzana, CEO              Alex Romancini, COO

Raquel Boechat, CMO                Diego Correa, CTO

Clarisse Loureiro                        Mariana Chama

Elisha Chhabra


DrivingApp Technologies Inc

140 Yonge St Suite 374

Toronto ON Canada

M5C 1X6

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*App for download and some of the services are under development.

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